3 Ways Aromatherapy Can Help Your Dog Relax

Is your dog stressed out and you are looking for how to help without the use of medication? Aromatherapy can offer you an alternative option to medication.

Pooches love it, because they have a higher sense of smell than us humans. And usually, your dog tends to associate some smells to certain situations or condition.

The treatment focuses on connecting smells to specific reactions or emotions from your dog thereby creating a memory that will associate with such smell in your dog.

At Malibu Dog Hotel we offer aromatherapy as a treatment for our four legged residents.
It’s a really relaxing experience for them to enjoy.
And it leaves them smelling lovely as well!


Aromatherapy (otherwise called essential oil therapy) is a type of therapy that uses essential oil and other aromatic compounds of plant origins to ensure the well being of both yourself, and that of your dog. Such essential oils are usually obtained as extracts from different plant parts: flower, leaves, stem, bark, and roots.


Aromatherapy for your dog works by using the sense of smell of your dog to bring out a certain emotional response.
It does this by conveying the nerve impulse through your pooches smell receptor nerves to their brain, and activates the part of the brain that is associated with emotions – the limbic system.
Since your dog’s sense of smell is higher, their emotion tends to be more pronounced than we have.
Dogs only need a very small amount compared to humans due to their very heightened sense of smell.
For example, a 100ml of liquid is around 4-6 drops of lavender.

There are three ways to administer essential oils to your pet so they can be in relaxation bliss:

Through topical application:
We apply the oil directly on the body of your dog. Studies have revealed these oils can get absorbed into the bloodstream through their skin. With a little massage, you can also boost the circulatory system of your dog, absorption of the oil, relieve pain and soothe their muscles.

 Through inhalation:
All your dog needs to do is to inhale the oil. The method is to put oil in a diffuser container and spray it into the atmosphere. The suspended oil droplets can then be sniffed by your pet. Another we achieve this is by allowing your dog to sniff the container of the essential oil. Then they can inhale a good quantity of this oil through its nostrils.

Through ingestion:
Some essential oils are best administered through ingestion – and we can do this by spraying them on your dog’s meal. Once your dog eats their food, this oil gets incorporated into their system.

However, this is something, we and all pet owners need to be very careful when doing.

Did you know some essential oils are poisonous to dogs?
On the banned list are cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, peppermint (however it can be administered in small doses as a flea repellent, but check with your veterinarian) , pine, sweet birch, tea tree (melaleuca), wintergreen, and ylang ylang.

All of these oils are toxic to your pet, whether they ingest them, or are spread on their skin.

Despite the fact each of these routes of treating your dog with aromatherapy are unique in their own way, the method which is of maximum benefit to your dog is a combination of inhalation and the topical administration.
When administering the oil, we make sure it is diluted to an appropriate concentration that avoids irritation of their skin and other adverse effects.

Here are the essential oils we use in our aromatherapy spray which can benefit your dog’s health:
Chamomile: This type of essential oil is good for treating burns, soothing stings and reducing allergic reactions. I can help with overall well being.


In addition to repelling pests and killing them when combined with the inactive ingredients in Wondercide, cedarwood supports healthy skin and can help your pooch relax. It can be used effectively for pets in a water diffuser to calm them.


This is said to help relieve anxiety, stress and depression. It also has a calming effect is very effective for relaxation.


With its very pleasant aroma, it can be used to soothe the nerves of your dog making them calm in situations which would otherwise cause anxiety, like fireworks. It can also help stop itching.



This protecting oil can help wounds, itchy skin, allergies, stings, bites, and also stop bleeding.

It can also help unblock things.

Use yarrow for ear and kidney infections, and it is also anti-inflammatory. Use deep blue yarrow for the best results for this.

You can also use it on your dog for sprains and pulls or arthritis, physical or emotional trauma.


This can be a magical antidote to anything irritant or offensive. Or that bites.

Use it as an antiseptic, as it can heal broken capillaries and soft swellings.

It also has properties which can help broken bones and is anti-viral, anti-allergenic, as well as good for the liver and digestive process,

If your dog vomits it’s a great, and will also help with clearing mucus frm the lungs, and supports immune function.


This uplifting and clarifying oil is a great immune stimulant.

It’s also antiviral and antiseptic, stimulates pancreatic function, and is good for arthritis and kidney stones, It’s also useful with dogs who have moved home more than a few times.


It’s important aromatherapy treatment is done with your pet feeling comfortable and relaxed.

It also helps to reduce stress, ease anxiety and depression.

The topical application of oils helps to improve the function of the circulatory system of your dog through massage.

It can help to relieve your dog of all kinds of pains and muscle stiffness.

It offers muscle relaxation for your dog by soothing muscle aches and pains.

It can be used to give a feeling of relaxation in your dog, provided that the smell of the essential oil doesn’t remind your pooch of a frightening situation.

Aromatherapy oil is also known to have a wide range of anti-microbial benefits, such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral. It can offer healing effects for any infection.

While this kind of therapy offers enormous health benefits to your dog, you should be on the watch for side effects.

We take great care in making sure our residents have a pleasurable and relaxing experience when they have aromatherapy treatments.

We keep a close eye on how your dog responds so they are comfortable and happy.

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