5 Ways To Choose The Perfect Dog Bed For Your Pooch

Just like humans, the bed on which you rest your body from the stress of a day’s activities can speak a lot about how sound your sleep will be.

Besides having a sound sleep at night, it makes sure you are rested and rejuventated for the tasks you face in the day ahead.

Such requirements support the reason why you make sure your bed falls nowhere below the benchmark of comfort.

The same sleeping principles go for your pretty pooch. While your dog may always want to nap around, here thereand everywhere, now and then, they also need a place they can rest their heads safely, and without discomfort.

You may have already seen the need to make your little pooch stops coming in at night to share your bed, or squeezing into a cosy nook on your couch.

Despite what your dog’s spec and preference may be, getting a bed that is the perfect fit for your four legged friend can be a tricky task to handle.

So, before hitting the shop to buy a bed for your pooch, sit back and understand what they will love to lie on!

Remember, in understanding what their bed should offer; you also need to consider your furry friend’s age, health, and personality (character).

Yes, their personality will determine if they will stop coming around to spend the night on your bed or stick to the cozy sleeping spot you’ll provide for them – your dog can’t always express what they want, don’t forget that.

Quality Material

When it comes to your own bed, you aren’t skimp on quality material when choosing where you spend your night of sleep.

The same should apply for your dog. Buying a bed that is made of quality material, that will also be durable, should be one of your focal points.

Also, some dog owners prefer buying a bed material that is chew-proof while others may decide to go for a bed material that is merely soft but made of superior material.

The choice of which material to buy is where the personality and habit of your dog come in when choosing their bed.

Dogs will continue to be dogs, so you can’t predict how long a bed cover may stay before it needs washing.

So, while choosing the best bed materials for your pooch, considering bed materials that are either waterproof with a cotton lining or materials that are easy to wash will enhance the health of your dog.

Researching on the best chew-proof or waterproof material that will be the best for your dog’s bed. will help you to chose correctly since many companies will promise you that they have the best material for virtually anything.

Size and Comfort

A sizable bed that is big enough to support the size of your dog is critical. You never can tell if it is the size of your cozy bed that gets your pooch coming to your bedroom every night – she knows for sure they can stretch out and roll from side to side on your bed to her satisfaction.

For your dog’s bed, it’s best to buy a bed that is at least 5 inches wider from all sides to occupy her perfectly when they stretch out.


Some dogs love nesting in their bed, so don’t attribute this characteristic only to expectant doggy mothers. Your pooch may like digging down into the bottom of the cushion if their bed has one. Once they do this, they will end up taking a nap down into the bottom liner of their bed. In case this is what you notice from her, get prepared for a flatbed with an inner cushion which is fixed.

Style and Shape

The style and shape of your dog’s bed is another factor to consider when buying a cozy bed.

Different dogs have different sleeping postures that get them enjoying their nap or night rest. Your pretty pooch may love sprawling while sleeping. In this case, a flatbed will perfectly suit them.

On the other hand, many dogs prefer leaning while they sleep. So, it is possible that your dog may fall into this category. If so, a bolster bed with a side or cushioned walls will be their best pick to sleep.

Further still, many dogs prefer having a well-rounded and somewhat secured bed to sleep on. If this is what you notice about them, for example, they always try to hide under your bed sheet, or a pile of clothes around your bed, this will be the perfect spec for your pooch in that case.

Body Support

Have you ever slept, only to wake up feeling severe pains around your joints? If yes, you should have an idea of what your pooch may experience when they’re not sleeping on the right type of bed.

Many dogs are known to have weak limbs, and where their bed is too soft, such joints get fatigued easily. If your pooch breed belongs to such class, orthopedic beds are the perfect bed to choose for them.

Again, while an orthopedic bed may be the best direction to go for your dog, in some cases, orthopedic beds turn out to do more harm than good.

Reasons for this being that orthopedic beds may have a surface that is too hard for your dog, thus making it uncomfortable to sleep on it. In such situations, buying an orthopedic bed with a plush cover will make your pooches intermittent naps and many hours of night rest really worth it.

All the dogs at Malibu Dog Hotel get access to our specially designed beds, which are of the highest quality and completely environmentally friendly.

They are made from recycled, durable materials, including recycled bottles and jean fabrics. And you can even put them in the washing machine! As you can see in the pictures, our guests love them!

And they will soon be available to take home.

Does Your Dog Like Fitting into a Crate?

Just like you would retreat quietly into your room when things get just a little too much, the same is the case with most dogs.

When the ambiance seems too hot or your home seems to get too noisy, and they need to get a nap, your furry friend will quietly retreat into their safe place where they can get the highest level of comfort and rest which they crave.

However, the fact remains that getting to know what is the best pick for your dog is a marathon not a sprint. It takes time to work out exactly what is right. Make sure you have a gradual and in depth of what your pooch needs and you will be on to a winner!

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