5 Top Tips On How To Groom Your Dog

Why is grooming your dog so important?

Regular grooming helps keep their coats healthy and clean.

And it can also help you bond with your pet.

But more importantly, it also enables you to check for lumps and bumps as you shampoo them.

And let’s be honest, you usually feel great after a bath!

But not all dogs like being groomed and some can get anxious.

So here are some tips on how you can get over that hurdle so they have an enjoyable experience.

Dealing With Dog Anxiety Over Grooming

Not all of our furry friends are afraid of going to the groomer, but to some it’s one of the worst days of their life, second only to going to the vet.

They can have mild anxiety and be irritable, while others can have a full-blown panic attack.

The stress can start from the moment they get in the car, which can be an extra challenge.

There are a couple of reasons your dog may dislike the car, they may be anxious about the ride itself or the anticipated destination like the groomer.

You can ease the fear and increase their enjoyment of riding in the car first off so they are more chilled out when they arrive.

Dogs have more sensitive hearing than humans and the noise can cause them stress.

Many groomers also use a high velocity dryer that blasts the water off the dog’s coat without using heat.

The pressure can be startling, and many dogs can be upset by it, especially as the groomer gets near their feet or head.

At Malibu Dog Hotel we use a gentle dryer which is an enjoyable experience for your pooch.

How To Prepare For Dog Grooming

Although it depends mostly on the breed, hair length, and type of coat, most dogs should be groomed about once a month.

For young puppies and dogs who have never been groomed, more frequent grooming or brushing at home should be done, so your dog can get used to the experience.

This means they will be much more chilled out when they go to a professional.

What You Need For Dog Grooming

Here is a list of what you should have to hand before you get stuck in:

  • Towels
  • Washcloth or sponge
  • Paper towels
  • Natural shampooand conditioning rinse
  • Doggy toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file
  • Blow dryer
  • Comb and brush
  • Scissors

You may also need clippers if your dog’s coat needs a cut.

A dematter may be needed for coats that tend to tangle. What is it? It’s a special grooming tool that breaks up mats and is used to remove especially stubborn knots.

If your dog’s coat is long-haired or double-coated this is essential.

A dematter is designed to pick away at mats instead of painfully pulling at the coat or cutting the hair, which is not a great experience for your dog.

How To Keep Your Dog’s Coat Sensational

Brush Daily

Make sure you stop grooming your dog at a young age.

That way, as your pooch grows, they will be accustomed to being brushed.

Your dog will also become more cooperative and might even look forward to the activity.

Use A Good Brush

Some dog breeds have specific needs when it comes to grooming – they may have thicker fur which requires a special undercoat comb.

Meanwhile, short-haired breeds may be best groomed with a soft brush.

Some dogs have a coat which matts easily, so make sure you have the right brush.

Use The Right Shampoo

It isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to shampoo. For example, white dogs may benefit from a shampoo that enhances their color and removes tear or drool stains.

Or your dog might need a medicinal or skin conditioning shampoo for allergies.

Use caution with scented shampoos as they can sometimes irriate your dog’s skin. Dogs are much more sensitive than humans, so don’t use human shampoo!

Watch The Water

Keep the water temperature lukewarm when bathing your dog.

Just because you can take, it, the heat may be too much for your dog.

They can be scalded by hot water – the pads of their feet, their nose, belly and ears can suffer from very painful burns if you don’t get this right.

So think luke warm for a safe bet.

And if you’re bathing your dog outside on a hot day, run the hose for a few minutes so any dirty water which has been sitting in it has been washed away.

Have Towels on Hand

If you’re bathing your dog indoors, you want to keep mess to a minimum.

So make sure you have several towels readily available.

Place one towel on the floor outside the tub or shower so your dog has a safe, non-slip area on which to stand (and drip).

Then you can place another towel immediately after the water is turned off to shield yourself — or your dog — when they shake off.

Then, if your dog has a coat which holds onto water, a third towel may be needed for a final rub down to remove excess water.

Don’t forget to dry the pads of your pooches paws so they don’t have a slip up when they leave the bathroom.

Now, all this might seem too much stress and hassle, so you can always bring your dog for some special treatment to Malibu Dog Hotel!

We offer a dog grooming service and our guests love it!

This might also be a less stressful solution if your dog doesn’t like being groomed.

Don’t forget to reward your dog telling them how fab they are, and give encouragement after their grooming.

And your pooch is never going to say no to a healthy treat!

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