5 Ways To Choose The Perfect Dog Bed For Your Pooch

Just like humans, the bed on which you rest your body from the stress of a day’s activities can speak a lot about how sound your sleep will be. Besides having a sound sleep at night, it makes sure you are rested and rejuventated for the tasks you face in the day ahead. Such requirements

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3 Ways Aromatherapy Can Help Your Dog Relax

Is your dog stressed out and you are looking for how to help without the use of medication? Aromatherapy can offer you an alternative option to medication. Pooches love it, because they have a higher sense of smell than us humans. And usually, your dog tends to associate some smells to certain situations or condition.

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The Malibu Dog Hotel Has Been Renovated

October 1, 2018 Comments Off

Malibu Dog Hotel underwent a renovation in the summer of 2018 and is now open for business. 

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