Meet the Owners

Meet The Owners – Simon & Samantha Shorland

Simon and Samantha Shorland purchased the Sandpiper Dog Hotel in July of 2018. The entrepreneurial British couple, who reside in Los Angeles, were already enamored with Malibu when they discovered the property and its stunning ocean views. The duo are avid and experienced world travelers who, upon learning the property’s rich history that dates back to 1948, shared a vision of maximizing the facility’s potential and creating an abode for pets that would be akin to the glamorous hotels of old that are found in the Mediterranean. It is with a bit of nostalgia and vintage travel as inspiration that the upgrading of the facility began. The facility has since been renamed/ rebranded – The Malibu Dog Hotel.

 Simon and “Sam”, as she’s affectionately known, are keenly aware that, to dog people, their four legged companions are more than pets, they are family members. To that end the facility has been upgraded in order to create a home away from home experience that puts both pet owners and their “kids” at ease.