Our team here at Malibu Dog Hotel has put quite a lot of thought into this brand. Inspired by the nostalgia of Southern California, especially by our home here in Malibu and it’s worldwide recognition for surfing, beaches, and Hollywood stars. What better place in this world to inspire a line of fashionable dog products huh? Not to mention, Malibu Dog Hotel sits right on the famous Pacific Coast Highway with ocean views anywhere you stand, a true connection with Mother Nature.  As for our cool colors and logo? Well thats just down to being in one of the world’s epicenters of fashion, we know whats hot! Our logo is actually inspired by those old school travel stickers you often see on retro suitcases. In such a fast moving world its the little things that allow us to cling onto our roots.


What sets us apart from any other dog loving community, any boarding service, or any retail pet brand, is the fact that we cater directly to our customers here at the hotel, the very ones important when making any pet related decisions, your dogs! From the texture of our beds to the coziness of our facilities, your dog’s happiness is our first priority.